Nature-based carbon removal and biodiversity enhancement
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What is Seagrass Blue?

Seagrass Blue is a Blue Carbon project that uses seagrass aquaculture to capture Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere, and lock it into solid organic form.

Seagrass is one of the world's best natural carbon extractors. One hectare of seagrass meadow can sequester 30 times more CO2 than a hectare of Amazon rain forest.

Not only do seagrasses excel in carbon capture, but they also serve as crucial nursery grounds for many fish and marine species supporting the health and sustainability of our oceans.

We unlock the potential of this amazing resource using modern aquaculture techniques to provide long-term, scaleable, and accountable carbon removal and biodiversity enhancement.

Initial Stages

Our first challenge is to engineer the growth trays and mooring system

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Seagrass aquaculture

We work closely with seagrass rehabilitation groups that have developed robust protocols and procedures to outplant seagrass seeds and rhizomes

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Project success is monitored using Marine Bees. These robotic submarines autonomously swim over the meadows recording video and water chemical and physical conditions, then swim back to their charging stations and upload data to the cloud.

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This project will strive for Carbon Certification as both a validation of the approach in removing Carbon, and for trading as carbon offsets and credits. Learn More


As well as being a great carbon extractor, seagrass meadows support a wide range of ocean diversity by providing a natural habitat for many marine species. Seagrasses are also a nursery ground for many commercially important fishes. Learn More

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